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The CanCooker is a convenient and healthy outdoor cooking system. The cooker produces deep penetrating steam that cooks food to perfection. Product is easy to use, simple preparation and a heat source is all you need. Perfect to use on your grill for backyard cookouts. You can create a complete, healthy meal in an hour.

CanCooker is a new, unique outdoor cooking device that allows you to cook a lot of food without a lot of work. CanCooker makes a complete meal, that will feed a group of hungry people, in about one hour. Best of all, CanCooker works on any heat source campfire, camp stove, propane stove, charcoal or gas grill, turkey fryer, stove top, etc and it's easy to clean up!

CanCooker is an updated version of the old cream can which was used by farmers/ranchers to cook a hot, hearty and homemade meal while everyone worked. CanCooker cooks with steam so it’s healthy. Each recipe includes twelve or more ounces of liquid which the heat source turns to steam. CanCooker’s revolutionary one-piece “shouldered” design creates convection which circulates the steam for faster cooking. The circulating steam also helps keep food from sticking to the inside of the CanCooker which makes clean up remarkably easy!

  • Makes a complete meal, that will feed a group of hungry people, in about one hour
  • Works on any heat source
  • Steam Cooker - 14" X 10"
  • Steam Cooker - 14" X 10"
  • 1.5 Gallon Companion
  • 2 Gallon Capacity
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